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Open Plot Monitoring

Patwari is a specialist in property management and mastered the art of open plot monitoring. We have realized that enchrochments are not that rare as we think and unattended properties are target for intentional encrochers. We learnt from experience that prevention is way cheaper than cure. We believe that active monitoring on open plots can significantly reduce the risks of encroachments and disputes. Detailed list of activities covered as part of our monitoring service are mentioned along with prices in service plans page. A brief list of things covered in monitoring service are ...

  • Periodic Visits
  • Visit report with photos, videos, observations and recommendations
  • Placement and installation of signboard
  • Legal title monitoring
  • Calls or enquiry handling
  • Interaction with plot owners association

Asset Identification

In a cases where our customer is not aware of plot location or property does not have demarcation, we provide following services at additional cost.


Locate Site


Survey and Identify Site


Mark site with 4 corner stones

Construction Property Management

We often buy an apartment, villa or office space in the city where we do not live in. Builders/contractors take several years to deliver. Delivery schedule is rarely met. You always wished you could monitor and control progress and quality but you are too busy to spare time or out of country/city. We specialize in management of builder sold/contractor built homes and offices in under-contruction phase with our unique services below...

  • Periodic inspections from sale agreement to registration/physical possession.
  • Visit reports along with photos and recommendations
  • Progress/Schedule management
  • Quality checks and control
  • Proper ownership/rights transfer management
  • Payment monitoring and advisory
  • Mortgage Loan/Refinance
  • Referrals for interior design and project management

Buy & Sell Advisory

Timing of Entry and Exit of any investment is crucial to maximize returns on investment. Re-investment at new booming areas is the key for faster multiplication of networth. We use our real estate investment expertise to constantly advise our customers. We advise on...

  • Buy/Sell Opportunties
  • Right time and price to sell
  • Buy/Invest in booming areas
  • Joint Development Opportunties
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